Pronounced "Can-arve."


What does cannabis Tourism Mean to CANRVE?


The team at CANRVE are all veterans of the hospitality industry. Cannabis tourism is essential for economic growth for the state. It is an enormous opportunity to create responsible incremental jobs! Give locals the opportunity to become more aware and create their own economic destiny by participating in the cannabis tourism marketplace. CANRVE would like to support this by offering our platform to do so with our services.


What do we hope to gain?


CANRVE would like to be a part of the change happening in the legal cannabis industry and be more involved with legislative actions, local outreach, and part of the solution for mainstream education. CANRVE seeks to invoke and inspire change, especially on a social level by helping to remove the stigma associated with cannabis. At CANRVE, we strive to create an environment of inclusiveness and make sure everyone feels welcome in the properties we have listed and while participating in the experiences, activities, and events offered by our partners.