• CANRVE: A recent Digital startup, business, with an online presence, headquartered in the state of Florida, USA. CANRVE was created to bridge the gap between cannabis friendly homeowners, cannabis doctors, dispensaries, chefs and other cannabis service providers with customers.

  • CANRVE: A digital conduit, at everyone’s fingertips, enabling locals and travel seekers the ease in finding cannabis friendly homes, medical and recreational cannabis services.


  • CANRVE customers will access and have the freedom to do what they love, in the privacy of their rented CANRVE space. Securing a vacation rental is only part of the travel planning process with CANRVE. Vacationers can locate Cannabis Experiences, Activities on CANRVE, reserve and enjoy. Example:

  1. Booking a massage therapist who uses cannabis-infused products and more. 

  2. Patients seeking relief and recreational smokers can identify, & locate nearby cannabis doctors and dispensaries via CANRVE.


  • CANRVE, give the ease of finding these cannabis friendly homes and service providers across the United States, Canada, and countries that have legalized the use of recreational and medical marijuana.