Marketing in the cannabis space only now coming of age. All ideas are new and all will be considered...


Business Development
We hope you are excited at the opportunity that will earn you incremental income, in an ever-expanding cannabis industry.
CANRVE's product department is constantly evolving. We aim to perfect the products we currently represent and always be on the lookout for new business opportunities...
CANRVE will become the largest marketplace for cannabis friendly homes, hotels and lifestyle experiences worldwide...
Our photography department seeks to maintain a collective of photographers who are local to every state, province or region of the world that we represent. Our homeowners and other partners need impeccable photography to ensure their product is accurately represented.


Finance & Accounting
Most of the operations of this department are exactly what you would find in any modern day travel or retail company but because the Cannabis laws are constantly changing, members of this department will be on their toes to ensure CANRVE’s accounting is always accurate.​​
Cannabis Social 

CANRVE’s Cannabis Social is the place we have dedicated to changing the narrative of cannabis.

 Social networks do not make this easy due to the remaining stigma, but our mission is to get our brand in front of as many people as possible and make a strong foothold in the marketplace.

Community Development & Public Relations
Being a part of local communities is essential to the growth of CANRVE and its functions. We aim to establish personal relationships with every partner by letting them know our door is always open and we always have time to listen to their needs and ideas
Customer Service
Customers are the lifeline of any B2C operation. They are also the future of cannabis sustainability. Our Customer Service department takes pride in assisting everyone who requires assistance.
Research & Development 
New products and partnership opportunities are coming on the scene in the Cannabis Industry perhaps more than any other! This department will have an incredibly fun job expanding on their own creativity to see what other areas are available to help CANRVE stay at the forefront of the Cannabis travel space.