Home Policy Summary 

Remember, you get the whole kit and caboodle rather than policy bits and pieces.
Plus, there are no forms to fill or paperwork to sign. All on-demand and online.


Covers your house, contents and any additional buildings on your property for replacement cost. Additional expenses for other living arrangements during repairs are also covered. Limits are stated in the “You’re Covered” section of the app. The standard deductible is $1,000 but many coverages are deductible-free. You may have a higher deductible for wind, water or brush fire depending on where you live.

Homeshare Property

Customized coverage designed to protect the particular risks you face as a homeshare host including vandalism, malicious damage and water damage at full policy limits.

Plus, the following additional coverages at no deductible:

  • Accidental Breakage of Valuable Articles – $2,500

  • Excessive Use of Utilities – $1,000

  • Infestation Coverage – $5,000

  • Legal Expense Coverage – $5,000

  • Property of Guests – $5,000

  • Accidental Damage to Electronics – $2,500

  • Hospital and Medical Expenses – $10,000

  • Identity Fraud Expense – $10,000

  • Citations, Fines and Penalties – $1,000

  • Rental Interruption Coverage – Actual Loss


Should a claim be made against you for bodily injury or property damage occurring during a rental, we’ve got you covered. We pay for any damages awarded against you, up to $2,000,000. We bear all of the costs to defend you against lawsuits and allegations. We’ll also pay for liability caused by your advertising, unlicensed recreational vehicles, and watercraft.

Homeshare Liability

Customized coverage to protect your additional liability as a homeshare host. There is no deductible for these coverages.

  • Guest’s Vandalism to Neighbors – $2,000,000

  • Host Liquor Liability – $500,000

  • Infestation Liability – $10,000

  • Cyber: Regulatory Defense Expense – $5,000

  • Guest’s Water Damage to Neighbors – $2,000,000

  • Fungi and Mold Liability – $10,000

  • Cyber: Information Security Liability – $10,000

  • Cyber: Notification Expense – $2,500

Don’t I already have coverage?

Not fully. Not properly. Not in the way you need protection.

Whether the platform provides a Host Guarantee or Commercial General
Liability Insurance, the key problems are:

You are not the “Named Insured”, which means you have no policy rights
• • •
The complete terms, conditions, and limits of coverage are unknown
• • •
Claims are submitted via the platform instead of directly to an insurer
• • •
It is not always primary insurance and in some cases, it’s not actually insurance.
• • •
Pay for coverage for the time you’re renting your home, not a minute or penny more.

CANRVE Has You Covered through our partner Slice

Slice provides on-demand, pay-per-use insurance to homeshare hosts, so you never have to rely on any homeshare company for protection.

While a guarantee program is nice, it is not meant to replace an insurance policy, and hosts should not depend on it for protection. A platform’s guarantee may state that it will help try and recover damages, but this is merely a contingency plan, not comprehensive insurance.

Unless your policy clearly states that homeshare activity is permitted, you’re not covered.